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Die casting Choosing the Proper Alloy

2012/8/3 17:20:46

Each of the metal alloys available for die casting offer particular advantages for the completed part .


Zinc - The easiest alloy to cast, it offers high ductility,zinc die casting high impact strength and is easily plated. Zinc is economical for small parts, has a low melting point and promotes long die life.


Aluminum - This alloy is lightweight, while possessing high dimensional stability for complex shapes and thin walls. Aluminum has good corrosion resistance and mechanical properties, high thermal and electrical conductivity, as well as strength at high temperatures.Aluminum die casting


Magnesium - The easiest alloy to machine, magnesium has an excellent strength-to-weight ratio and is the lightest alloy commonly die cast.


Copper - This alloy possesses high hardness, high corrosion resistance and the highest mechanical properties of alloys cast. It offers excellent wear resistance and dimensional stability, with strength approaching that of steel parts.die casting


Lead and Tin - These alloys offer high density and are capable of producing parts with extremely close dimensions. They are also used for special forms of corrosion die casting.

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